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Web-Raising Events

Live-Event and Fundraiser Prototype for Movie Previews

Web-Raising with Live Productions

Day 1:  Show: Cast Meeting – Audition style

Day 2: Private  Auction & Web TV Show, Performed by Kaua’i Improv Crew

Day 3: Broadcasting News Coverage: Speakers/Crowd Surfing.

Sponsors Package: Includes 2 nights Grand Hyatt, Show Consulting, Branded Broadcaster,  VIP Tickets.

  1. An in-house audience enjoys dinner and a live production written and produced specifically for a select non-profit.
  2. Shows are live-broadcasted and filmed for post production to cable networks and web video marketing.
  3. Each Web-Broadcaster wears a sponsors logo while interviewing partners, special guests, attendees throughout the weekend to raise money from the web-viewing audience.
  4. In-House Tickets, $150 each: Seated Audience up to 1200
  5. Online Fundraising is marketed virally through, a video promotional series, the non-profit’s network and social platforms.
  6. Mobile Audience: Live to iPhones and Androids
  • The mobile audience enjoys behind the scenes and live-footage and Text-to-Give options (additional)

Our shows are “improv” style with a talk-show or audition style format, complete with announcer segments and commercial breaks.  More information, please contact us.

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